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The fact that a website or a particular article has a low bounce rate is an ambiguous metric. RMs also show how the user reads. The material what he focuses on what he scrolls through and at what point he leaves. How to evaluate your text The following types of editorial metrics allow you to analyze. The text and collect useful material. Traffic source These are all online platforms where the user comes to your site. For example a post for Facebook or an article in Yandex.Zen. Traffic helps you use multiple channels organic direct blog advertising and understand what text is suitable for different social networks.

To do this go to your Yandex

Funnel of prescrolls The end and beginning of Brazil Mobile Number Database reading are assessed. Here you need to approach the issue in detail and create a large funnel how to read each paragraph. .Metrica personal account. Open the Maps section and enable the Scrolling map option it will show how many people have read your article. Go to the website and select the necessary parameters link to material period roboticity only people  The reading area will be displayed in scarlet color. Here for example is how they read our article about LSI for October Next put the code on all pages.

Select the Take note of speech rate function

Reading time Thanks to this metric you understand France Whatsapp Number List where the text is read and where the user abandoned it stopped reading at the beginning stopped reading in the middle started browsing but stopped havent read it at all looked halfway through read carefully read diagonally Take note of reading calculators we like WordsToTime. WTT will show three levels slow average high After editing the text you feel as if the reader is sitting and listening to you personally.  Inrealtime reading monitoring Reading monitoring monitoring the reader in the process of reading. User streams from all.

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