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The rather intimate thing and some of our users still prefer to subscribe to the brand via email. The second significant disadvantage is the policy of Facebook which occupies more than half of the messenger market. The main reason why we so rarely see chatbots on WhatsApp is that there the business cannot initiate communication with the client. You can only respond to their requests. Therefore most of the mechanics will not be available there you will not be able to build long warmup chains or make regular mailings. The third disadvantage is the difficulty of analytics.

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When you land a user on a landing page you can get a wealth Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data of information about them even view a recording of the entire session. When a user lands on a chatbot they find themselves in a black box. The issue is partly solved by various crutches but fullfledged endtoend analytics in a chatbot is not yet possible. The tools capabilities are impressive but with great power comes great responsibility. Our common goal is to take care of the tool so that it remains effective for as long as possible. This is why we must treat our subscribers with care.

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A user may open a chatbot because they are annoyed by the Afghanistan Phone Number List unread messages icon. But you must make sure that he is satisfied he sees the very content that he needed that he would want to read. conclusions metrics and the ability to implement scenarios that are not available in traditional direct channels.  marketing can show chatbots are not yet ready to completely replace email. But this will not prevent the share of chatbots from growing in the mix of direct communications and this tool will gradually displace traditional channels. In the future the capabilities of chatbots will only grow due to new solutions and technologies.

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