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The task set by the client launching an advertising campaign on the Internet it turned out that the call center could not process incoming requests and the client was simply losing money and damaging his reputation. After analyzing the situation Completo specialists found out that the client only has one person on the phone who processes applications. In addition there is no implemented CRM system no systematized client base no call recording and no answer missed calls option. The quality of telephone conversations could not be assessed since the calls were not recorded.

The number of missed calls decreased from to

The decision was made to develop our own CRM system and integrate it Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List with telephony web analytics and C. The manufacturers Hotline received too many calls and the dealers provided poor advice so it was decided to process all applications on our own. As a result a call center with operators was created. Each request was displayed in CRM with a certain status Accepted Untargeted Missed. Conversations were recorded via telephone and attached to the call. There you can add a comment assign an additional task to the manager or create a client card. In the process of analyzing the task we found out that of unanswered questions occurred on weekends.

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Motivation to increase sales among

Then the idea came up to leave an operator on duty on days off. Results of solving Azerbaijan Phone Number List the clients problem Managers call back all clients including unanswered calls. The client is automatically switched to the desired dealer.  contact center managers. Thanks to integration with CRM and telephony data appeared to analyze the effectiveness of advertising channels. Sales increased by . Conversion from circulation to sale increased from to . Tool . CRM system for dealers _.jpg Problem Reception of applications is not automated. Orders are submitted manually or by mail which slows down sales and makes the process cumbersome.

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