The position was not growing

The difficult to put yourself in the place of an ordinary user. Cognitive Distortions Curse of Knowledge Effect Example You have optimized the site and texts for specific queries. Everything seems logical and understandable to you. But the average person without SEO knowledge may not understand the meaning of the page because it is too overoptimized . It is difficult to imagine such a point of view when you know the subject well. Answer This will help you better evaluate the site from the point of view of ordinary users. Read also How to use the ChatGPT neural network for SEO tasks examples of promts.

Tendency to make delayed judgments Example

The Overconfidence Effect Excessive faith in ones Finland WhatsApp Number List own judgments not supported by objective data. Cognitive distortions Overconfidence effect Example You are confident that you know the most effective way to promote a certain niche. Although in fact they never tested other approaches but only extrapolated from their small experience. The client questions your strategy but you dismiss his concerns as a professional. As a result it turns out that the results are below expectations precisely because of your excessive selfconfidence.

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Tendency to make delayed judgments

Answer Dont jump to conclusions about the best approach Azerbaijan Phone Number List without testing. Take into account the opinions of colleagues and clients even if they differ from yours. Periodically fully retest basic hypotheses and strategies. Rely on research data and statistics not just personal experience. Avoid categorical statements about the only correct solution. This will help avoid undue overconfidence and increase flexibility in approaches. cognitive distortion in which a person tends to convince himself that he accurately predicted an event when in fact he did so after it happened. Cognitive distortions  An SEO specialist promoted the site for certain queries for several months. The position was not growing but he was confident that his strategy would definitely work. But after the project failed he decide.

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