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The article we used materials from MAED lectures where they tell entrepreneurs and managers about the nuances of working with contractors. Mission possible we are looking for a digital contractor Finding a contractor is similar to choosing an employee especially since there is a large piece of work to be done that affects your results. a new website for a company. And you have friends with a web studio who work on websites.  to contact them specifically. This is only one option and you need to make sure that there are several options and you can choose and not agree with what is proposed. Where to look for contractors for website development Ask for recommendations. Word of mouth works great.

This does not mean that you need

If someone you know made a website ask who they worked with. Or look on Oman WhatsApp Number Data the website at the bottom it is usually indicated who made it. If you take the matter seriously collect all references screenshots and links in a table. Search on the Internet. This will fill the funnel but the quality may be questionable. View profile groups on social networks. We are talking not so much about contractors as about private freelancers. They are also contractors but only one person. This also includes telegram channels on similar topics.

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Lets say there is a task to develop

An example of how you can find a contractor under a post Use Armenia Phone Number List company catalogs and special services. Like for example workspace.ru. Search the ratings. Ratings are a controversial story. Sometimes they are not entirely honest not entirely correct. Sometimes the methodology for selecting winners is not entirely clear. But they give an understanding of what companies generally exist on the market you can see a breakdown of the completeness of services and prices. So fill the funnel and when you understand that there are many contractors start choosing.

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