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The the effectiveness of promotion and promptly respond to changes in ranking. KeyCollector Key Collector is a program for analyzing keywords and monitoring site positions. What is the price The first license of the program for individuals costs rubles the second or tenth rubles. For legal entities the first license costs rubles the second to tenth license also costs rubles. Main features of Key Collector Search for new keywords through analysis of the semantic core of the topic. Collection of search tips. Collection of data on site positions in Yandex results with a depth of up to results.

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Tracking the dynamics of positions over the period and Norway WhatsApp Number List exporting reports.Collector Automatic filtering and processing of found queries. Grouping keywords by topic and search niche. Read on topic Selection of keywords for SEO types characteristics and recommendations How often should you check your sites position The recommended frequency depends on several factors. Heres a plan to help you determine the optimal monitoring frequency If the site is currently being actively promoted and optimized it is better to look at positions once every weeks.

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This way you can quickly notice whether your positions Cambodia Phone Number List are growing or not after SEO work. And if necessary adjust the strategy in time. For sites that have been promoted for a long time and are high in the search results it is enough to check them times a month. To track seasonal fluctuations in positions or reactions to changes in search engine algorithms. If there is active optimization for new queries it makes sense to look at positions more often once every days. the site reached the top for these queries. After major algorithm updates it is better to temporarily increase the scanning frequency to times a week. To track how this affected the site.

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