A thorough analysis of technical

The queries are lost or omitted from the search results. Read also Services for checking website positions in search results Regular position checks will help you quickly notice problems with search engine filters and quickly begin to eliminate them and restore your sites positions. Order a professional SEO audit. If you are not confident in your abilities or cannot find the reason for the drop in traffic contact a professional SEO audit . It can be ordered from SEO.RU. We will help you identify whether your resource is under PS filters and offer options for solving the problem. Remember that the imposition of sanctions on a site is not always caused by errors in its optimization.

In most cases these are small unnoticeable updates

Sometimes the reason may be changes in search algorithms Guatemala WhatsApp Number List or other external factors. But this does not relieve site owners and optimizers of responsibility for the results. As soon as you notice signs of filters being triggered and positions declining you need to quickly understand the situation and take corrective actions. A thorough analysis of technical factors content links is required to find possible problem areas from Googles point of view. And based on this carry out work to correct errors and optimize the site for new algorithm requirements.

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Lets look at the main operating filters

This will help reduce the negative effect of sanctions and quickly Benin Phone Number List restore positions. Basic official Google filters and algorithms Google claims to update its search algorithm several thousand times a year.  But from time to time PS introduces fundamental algorithms and filters that greatly change the approach to SEO. Penguin Penguin is an algorithm aimed at combating spam in search results and penalizing sites for using lowquality links. Penguin first launched in . Since then it has undergone several updates. Initially it worked as a separate filter it reduced the rankings of sites for buying links exchanging links and other.

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