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The strategy. Make a video about the company or a nice creative advertisement. Check the technical part Even with the best pictures and texts your site will be. Closd immediately if it works poorly or does not load at all. What do we pay attention to. How quickly does the site load In the era of highspee. Internet no one will wait even seconds for a download. Compress images using services for example Optimizilla check the loading speed on WebPageTest and optimize the site. How does the mobile version work And does she exist. The share of mobile traffic is growing from year to year so tablet and smartphone users cannot be ignore.

It will be much more pleasant for anyone

Optimize your site for multiple devices. Even if you dont have a programmer South Africa WhatsApp Number Data almost any online website builder offers multiple versions of the site. We at Callibri have a separate article about this read . Are you using a secure https connection protocol and an SSL digital certificate People are worried about the security of their connection these elements will immediately show that your site can be trusted. By the way without https search engines will consider your site dangerous to visit and users will be warned about it.

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For example an AB test of different versions

Check site usability According to statistics of users leave Costa Rica Phone Number List a site if it takes a lot of actions to get to what they want. How convenient is your site for people Check it out. There is convenient navigation . to explore your site if it is intuitive. Today such a site can be assembled by any designer or programmer. But dont forget to test the usability of the portal. of a website before updating will immediately show what works better. There is a search bar that is clearly visible. When a site visitor can immediately find what he needs.

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