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The and sales. Yandex released Wordstat . review of the new version of the service .  At the end of October Yandex finally presented an updated version of Wordstat. According to the developers the new version should solve problems with statistics by region and provide users with more detailed analytics. Lets see what features have appeared in the new Yandex.Wordstat and how much more convenient it has now become to work with this analytics tool. Where to find the new Wordstat Review of the new Wordstat Dynamics Tab Regions Tab Top Requests Tab Briefly about the main innovations Where to find the new Wordstat To get to the new Yandex Wordstat interface you need to follow the link httpswordstat yandex.

The interface has also become more concise

This is a separate address that leads specifically to the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List updated version of the service. Also on the old Wordstat page there is a banner link try the new interface which also leads to the new version. How to open a new Yandex Wordstat When you click on these links a new Wordstat will open. This is what it looks like new Yandex Wordstat Here you can use all the usual tools for analyzing statistics and query semantics.

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In fact the new Wordstat is a fullfledged replacement for the Canadian Phone Number List old version of the service with an improved interface and advanced analytics capabilities. Read also How to create a semantic core of a website Review of the new Wordstat The main difference between Wordstat . and the old version is a more minimalistic design in the Yandex corporate style.  The functionality of the service remains the same. Here you can analyze the dynamics of queries in the form of a graph data by region and top similar queries. Wordstat . Dynamics Lets take a closer look at the innovations Dynamics Tab Setting analysis periods days.

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