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The Yandex search engines for a specific user request. When a user enters a query the search engine analyzes its index and produces a list of sites in a certain order from the most relevant to the query to the least. A position is a number that is assigned to a site in this list. The higher the position the higher the site ranks in the search results.  High rankings are important because users are more likely to visit sites in the top . And low ones greatly reduce the likelihood of transition people practically dont get there. Positions depend on many factors content link mass behavioral factors technical characteristics etc.

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They can be improved with the help of SEO. Read on the topic Nepal WhatsApp Number List What to do if bots spoil the behavioral factors of the site Why check site positions Regular monitoring of a websites position in search results is an important part of SEO promotion. This allows Track the dynamics of positions for key queries. If positions grow it means the work done is effective. If they decrease you need to understand the reasons and adjust the strategy. Analyze which optimization actions had the greatest effect and which were less effective. This will allow you to build a further SEO strategy more effectively.

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Respond in a timely manner to changes in search engine algorithms Bolivia Phone Number List and adjust optimization techniques. If after updating the algorithms positions have dropped sharply then you need to quickly understand the reasons and correct the situation. Monitor the effectiveness of competitors SEO work and keep up with them in promotion.  positions for different categories of requests and take this into account in your work. Checking positions is needed to understand the effectiveness of the SEO work done. Without regular testing it is difficult to objectively assess the impact of optimization and SEO in general.

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