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The contact and interest his girlfriend. And in the end to achieve her reciprocity. Something similar happens with leads in. BB marketing the company needs to attract the attention of the audience secure interest and lead to the target. Action obtaining contact information. And then its a matter of technique and working with conversion. Of a potential client into a buyer. Mechanics and tools at their disposal which we will discuss further. Lead conversion rate LCR is a measure of campaign success how well you attract potential customers. Formula for calculating lead conversion rateExample people were interest in your product in a month. Of these you received lead.

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Those of are successfully converted into leads. How do you know if the conversion rate is good Depending on the area and characteristics of. The market Philippines Phone Number List the LCR threshold value changes. For example for a manufacturer of highspeed yachts a conversion below is the norm but for a childrens toy factory such an indicator will be unsatisfactory. How to improve work with leads and increase LCR Once you calculate the LCR of your campaign and conduct a competitor analysis you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your work and choose the right direction for development.

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Improve content Useful interesting and accessible Philippines Telegram Number List information on the website plays an important role in attracting customers. Read more about how to build a profitable content campaign in our material Content marketing what is it why is it needed and how to develop a strategy First you need to define your target audience divide it into interest groups and understand what content to show to each of these groups.  to work with your target audience and what mistakes to avoid from the online marketing strategy.

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