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The CMS platforms WordPress VIP WPVIP announc. The acquisition of the analytics and content optimization service Parse. Parse offers users access to metrics to track content performance.  Number of views interaction time conversion social media activity. Multifunctional system and control panel flexible platform for developers can work in pairs automatic. Plugin necessary metadata and JavaScript are. Used in all published posts analytics for loggedin users only.  Recommendations If you have purchased access to the Parse.  Displays recommended articles. Chartbeat Chartbeat is an online content analysis system.

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It is aimed at editors writers developers and those who expect full Vietnam Mobile Number Database analytics from their content. Key features of Chartbeat Statistics in real time. Traffic volume and user engagement for the most viewed pages Social media channel statistics Twitter mentions and Facebook actions. Desktop version and mobile application Lets sum it up Editorial metrics help the text reach the top and have loyal readers. Marketers need to understand where the traffic came from and study how well it interacted with the format. To evaluate the text use the following metrics Reading time Read monitoring Reposts From services for working with PM Google DataStudio SocialBakers Toogle BuzzFeed Parse.

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