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The CMS platforms WordPress VIP WPVIP announc. The acquisition of the analytics and content optimization service Parse. Parse offers users access to metrics to track content performance.  Number of views interaction time conversion social media activity. Multifunctional system and control panel flexible platform for developers can work in pairs automatic. Plugin necessary metadata and JavaScript […]

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The role of video personalization and digital channels in.  B Russian and Western publications are increasingly less likely to talk about.  BB marketing trends as something separate. BB marketing is now increasingly about digital and trends are becoming. Common for all markets.  What to read about BB Trends Trends that were relevant only for working […]

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The later immediately or after a few months if it turns out that. The expected return on investment was not received and the channel itself has not justified itself. Hypothesis testing must take place. It is good to use endtoend analytics to understand which tools are the most effective and which should be replaced. At […]

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The Most often this is an increase in the number of conversions. The next stage is analytical . During it the promoted business is analyzed its features are identified and its positioning is clarified. It is imperative to study the target audience the main channels for attracting them characteristics and features. The achieved level of […]

How to determine key performance

The That is why promotion strategies are now very often aimed at mobile applicationspng.  Inapp sales are a huge reservoir of conversions. Hundreds of thousands of products are sold through apps every day especially if . We are talking about marketplaces and major ecommerce players. Not only the creation but also the further promotion of […]

The TrueView InStream format

The TrueView InStream format. The not achieve virality. However viral content occupies a special place in performance marketing and is often the. One that is most effective especially at the initial stage of promotion. Explanation at the start of promotion especially if it is a new product. The audience is very cold and it is […]

The Russian service with machine

The identifying business benefits or avoiding unknown risks. It was machine learning that Google introduced in its Google. Analytics in order to have a more complete understanding of users and website visitors. Machine learning is already being actively used in various areas of.  Life the public sector finance and banking healthcare logistics retail and others. […]

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The In addition to positive changes in traditional web analytics platforms new ways to analyze information quickly and efficiently are emerging in the world of data processing. Data fabric and integration architecture Data Fabric is a comprehensive solution for data integration and management. Many companies are faced with the problem that their IT systems are […]

The new data schema is bas on. The Compar to Google you can freely collect user data from here and do it without code intervention. It is convenient to set up goals in Metrica depending on different options. Track visitors actions on the site page views button clicks etc. Set up retargeting in Direct and […]

A more simplified service to use

The the application including mobile. It has more tools and to add it to the main account you need to have editor rights and go to the Administration section by clicking the Create Property button _.jpg Implementation of Analytics which is currently in beta. The new version of Google Analytics was created for large businesses […]

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The and other company channels. What innovations in data analytics await us next year in familiar tools and what will be completely new answers Completo. Classic instruments. Whats new Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica are two free data analytics services that are familiar to every marketer. competitors and keep up with Internet progress these two web […]

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The that BB companies should create content based on customer emotions and develop corporate empathy. eng Some argue that BB and BC are outdated categories and we should all think and work in a single BH Business Human category. Considering how much BB marketing has recently absorbed from BC why not think about it BB […]