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The role of video personalization and digital channels in.  B Russian and Western publications are increasingly less likely to talk about.  BB marketing trends as something separate. BB marketing is now increasingly about digital and trends are becoming. Common for all markets.  What to read about BB Trends Trends that were relevant only for working with end consumers are now ruling. The roost in industrial markets as well. Mobilefirst UXUI and personalization are all musthaves for BB and by in the. US the share of advertising spending in digital channels in BB markets will exceed traditional ones.

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A review of current Western statistics confirms that web Japan Mobile Number Database development digital marketing and content marketing are the most growing items in the marketing budgets of BB companies Tools Against this background it is not surprising that recommends email marketing content marketing SMM SMS Web Push and messenger marketing as the best strategies in BB markets. That is channels that have long become traditional for BC. In content marketing video communications which have also long been the domain of the BC market are playing an increasingly important role.

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Moreover video production is becoming more Kenya Telegram Number List accessible. Even IoT which has so far been seriously discussed only in the context of BC marketing has come to the attention of Western BB specialists . New products from BB markets Analytics _.png The more complex the product the more difficult it is to build endtoend analytics and collect detailed and reliable marketing reports.  several persons are involved in making a decision each of whom can go to the site from their own source. How then can you attribute a lead and correctly measure the effectiveness of advertising expenses A new trend is to merge sources using a smart control panel. The BI analytics platform GOOD.BI approach that could change BB analytics.

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