The new data schema is bas on. The Compar to Google you can freely collect user data from here and do it without code intervention. It is convenient to set up goals in Metrica depending on different options. Track visitors actions on the site page views button clicks etc. Set up retargeting in Direct and Audiences. Monitor the conversion rate of visitors who saw your banner or video ad using Metrics for Display Advertising. Automat processes. The metric itself already recognizes important actions of visitors on. The site and records them in statistics automatically collects messages in chats on. The site automatic goals have appeare for Jivo and Nethouse. Yandex representatives have not yet announce new changes but. The trend towards automation cannot be ignor.

New Analytics Tools

Personalize approach. With the advent of Recommendations which send notifications about. Changes in site indicators and base on this offer solutions for a specific Israel Mobile Number List business Yandex.Metrica has risen to a higher level. The service has already announce that they will continue to work towards an individual approach We will expand the list of recommendations and talk about new opportunities and useful tools. And such care and operational changes on the platform have already been appreciated by Metrica users.

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As its popularity The new data schema grows the demand

Mobile analytics According to forecasts by daily time Israel Whatsapp Number List spent in mobile applications will increase to minutes per day which means the popularity of mobile applications will continue to grow.  for analyzing the effectiveness of sites is growing. Bile app analytics has quickly become as important as web analytics services. Mobile app analytics platforms are moving away from the traditional.  Session Screen View method that platforms have been using for years. the Event Parameter model such as the location from which the session was made or the type of device that was used in the case of mobile analytics a smartphone or tablet.

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