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The Most often this is an increase in the number of conversions. The next stage is analytical . During it the promoted business is analyzed its features are identified and its positioning is clarified. It is imperative to study the target audience the main channels for attracting them characteristics and features. The achieved level of conversion on the site is studied in detail the effectiveness of each traffic source is confirmed. The effectiveness of an already running transaction sequence is also analyzed. Ideally you should also analyze the most serious competitors.

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Target At the third stage the main goals are formulated. It is useful to Malaysia Mobile Number Database divide them based on the SMART approach specific timebound measurable relevant achievable. A specific strategy is selected taking into account the main channels and a list of the main methods that will be used to achieve the main promotion result is outlined. Formation of a media plan . This document outlines all the tools and channels that you will use during your performance campaign Performance tracking . After the start of the campaign the most interesting part begins collecting statistics for each promotion channel and then tracking the effectiveness of each channel.

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The most ineffective ones should be optimized or completely Malaysia Telegram Number List excluded from the further strategy. Summary how to work offline It is important to develop specific media and business goals . Communication for example a plan to convince the target audience that the proposed product is the best for example and marketing goals finding marketing tools that have not yet been used for example are also important. Remember the selection of the most justified channels takes into account the information obtained during the second stage of the preparation algorithm.  specifics of a business it is impossible to choose the most effective channels for promoting performance marketing.

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