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The elements on the page. Make sure your ad copy is relevant to the landing page. The page should have convenient feedback blocks forms contacts online chats. Landing page conversion KPI will help you evaluate the quality of traffic in relation to leads. The most common scenario traffic is growing but the conversion rate is […]

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Experiment with the arrangement of. The and you cannot promote empty or junk pages. Here are general recommendations. Each page is optimiz for a specific search phrase.the sake of content but actually. Helps the user find an answer to the question and solves his problem. The best option is expert content creat by a specialist […]

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The current customers that you value them offer promotions gifts develop a system of discounts for loyal customers Everyone is already tired of boring mailings with substitution of the recipients name. Now more than ever personalization is important and it is important to segment your base as deeply as possible. In many American companies it […]

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The conversion rates from there It is no longer possible to underestimate the audience of social networks in . This traffic channel is becoming more and more important in the world. Every third Russian spends more than hours daily on social networks . Engagement on social networks is a metric that demonstrates the active interaction […]

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The who later turned into customers. Lets take a closer look at these KPIs. Mobile traffic leads and conversions Mobile traffic is important because today every person is on a smartphone from morning until late at night. Desktop traffic gradually fades into the background and ceases to be the main one. The Mobile first concept […]

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The These are the steps you need to follow to turn a potential customer into a permanent one. Lead generation or the process of finding clients. You need to find people companies or organizations that might be interested in your business offering and think about how your service or product will improve your customers business. […]

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The from other companies. It will be a shame if this does not bring results. But you can try anyway. To find a tender you can browse company websites or search for offers on specialized websites Rostender Bikotender Kontur.Purchases and others. Profile sites. Depending on the profile of the business these sites may differ. For […]

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The request for your products and services and will ensure that a link to. Your site appears in advantageous positions in search results. Targeted advertising It will allow you to reach targeted audiences on different social networks in order to create a need for your product or again to create awareness. With the growing popularity […]

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The infinity gauntlet than to find a client in bb Did you like the article Tell us about her on social networks Assessment . votes leave a comment What is your name Enter your name Email Enter your Email A comment Enter your comment By clicking the button you agree to the rules for processing […]