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At the last stage a dealer profile

The with C is required. You also need to watch out for unscrupulous dealers who undermine the brands reputation. Solution. Creation of a unique customized personal account for the clients tasks. At the first stage we held a briefing during which we found out what the clients main needs and objectives were. Why exactly do […]

The manufacturers Hotline

The task set by the client launching an advertising campaign on the Internet it turned out that the call center could not process incoming requests and the client was simply losing money and damaging his reputation. After analyzing the situation Completo specialists found out that the client only has one person on the phone who […]

If the order has gone to the most

The Solution Integration of the CRM system with the dealers internal processes. Kompleto has impressive experience working with large manufacturers with extensive dealer networks. This experience suggested that there is no CRM system on the market that could control and successfully distribute calls between dealers. Then it was decided to develop this system independently. The […]

Systematic electronic marketing

The dealers who are ready to work conscientiously. Synchronization of goods and balances. A very convenient module that allows dealers to select the products they sell. Also through this model integrated with C you can order products from the manufacturers warehouse. Websites for dealers. Thanks to a special website generator built into the CRM system […]

The cost of a targeted call has

The largest steel door plant in the Russian Federation. Problem. Dealers are not integrated with the main site. If the order went to the dealer then it is lost. Hence the big black hole in the analytics of the performance of dealer networks. Solution. Implementation of systemic electronic marketing for a company with a network […]

It is possible to gain control over

The by dealers. We also managed to reduce the time of delivery of goods to the end consumer due to the digitalization of warehouse balances. It is possible to gain control over the dealer network with mutual benefit for both the manufacturer and the dealer. Digitalization of business and modification of business processes related to […]

How do you understand who is

The meet KPIs the advertised freelancer takes an advance payment and disappears into the fog. How do you understand who is who in the digital world who you can definitely trust and who falls into the dubious category We asked colleagues from the Workspace tender site to tell us from their own experience how to […]

After all without this the performer

The check the contractor ask him questions and demand specifics. You need to order a website ask torture how long the work will last when the first prototype will be ready which specialists will take part in the project how the contractor will achieve business goals and what he plans to do for this what […]

All documents were developed by

The and does not receive results.  In the brief the contractor asks questions about the company target audience competitors features of the product or service promotion etc. Now about the commercial offer. Some contractors do not rack their brains over each new commercial proposal they send the same template documents to all clients in a […]